News 2003-11-17:

The next week I release the 1st pre-alpha version, in addition there will be a complete restiling of the homepage.

News 2003-10-28:

New update in CVS tree, and I've finally released the new test app that show window system with messages.

News 2003-09-28:

There are some updates in the CVS tree, the Status page was also updated to reflect the CVS change.
The development status was changed to planning to pre-alpha, shortly I release a new test app and next the 1st pre-alpha version of the wrapper, stay tuned.

News 2003-09-07:

Due to an error I've not released the file for the Win32ObjC Test App, Sorry for the delay now the file is in the download page on the Project page.

News 2003-09-02:

Today I have added some primary code in CVS, a modified but not yet complete version of WOAlert and a initial (read near empty) version of WOString, you can find it on the project page.

News 2003-08-31:

Today I released the test application for developer that want to help with the project, download the package from the project page to see how the wrapper work, and then if you are interested contact me.

News 2003-08-30:

Published the site for the project, to know more about this project please visit About the project page. Also visit the project page at this link.